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The Spazcosoft Podcast

Sep 17, 2020

Lars Doucet, Co-Founder of Level Up Labs talks to Kirk about Defender's Quest, Defender's Quest 2, and GameDataCrunch, or industry data as a public good. Find Lars on Twitter: or support his Patreon: or just read his blog at

Jan 29, 2020

Lauren Frazier, CTO of Ramen VR ( joined us and we talked about Virtual Reality, The Zenith MMO, why communities are important for indie games, and also, Pokemon. Check out the Zenith MMO Discord ( and Zenith MMO Twitter (

Jan 20, 2020

Kirk is interviewed by Dwarf-fan Jeff Norris about the iOS RPG "The Lonely Dwarves" ( We discuss composing the music (, some game design details, and what's coming next (